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Frequently Asked Questions

Natural gemstones and diamonds take millions of years to form naturally inside the earth’s crust, but synthetic stones are mass-produced by humans in a laboratory within a few hours/days with chemical and physical properties exactly the same as natural gemstones. Synthetic gems and diamonds lack the super-natural powers & energy of Natural Gemstones therefore they are not recommended for astrological purposes.

The most important factor which is the cause of the difference in prices is the rarity factor. Natural Gemstones are very rare to find and as the natural resources deplete, it becomes even rarer. Whereas synthetic gemstones' production increases at a reducing cost as the technology advances. Therefore even though synthetic gems have improved color and clarity than natural, they are inexpensive.

Inclusions are naturally formed minerals, fingerprints, fissures, or any other feature which are within the gemstone and are usually sculpt at the time formation under the earth's crust. These inclusions might sometimes reach the surface of the gemstone in the form of cavities, inverted crystals, etc.

Natural gemstones are not produced in laboratories with perfection but are produced by our mother earth with an enormous amount of supernatural energy and powers within them. During its formation, crystals of other minerals often enter the gemstone. Natural gemstones are also often clouded by feathers which are known as fingerprints of nature. These birthmarks or inclusions also help in differentiating natural gemstones from synthetics.

Gem mines are not found all over the world, but they are discovered only in few locations. It might take millions of years for gemstones to form under the earth's crust. Moreover, it might take another million years to discover gemstone and diamond mines around the world. Out of the total gemstones extracted from these mines approximately 1/100th are of Gem Quality and out of these less than 5% are more than 3 carats.
Thus finding a clear-transparent and beautifully colored gemstone is extremely rare.

Gemstones travel a long journey before they reach us. How much are you paying for such a precious gemstone? Are they really expensive? Prices are mere numbers and can never define the real value of a natural gemstone.

No, it is not related to the purity of a gemstone. Carat only defines the Weight of a gemstone or diamond. It is often confused with the Karat of Gold or other precious metals that defines the purity of the metal.